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Rescued: Chimpanzee Linda was locked up alone for thirty years

Chimpanzee Linda, still in Lanzarote

After an unnerving rescue mission, chimpanzee Linda has arrived from the Spanish Lanzarote to AAP in Almere! She was taken from her mother as a baby and sold to a couple in Lanzarote. They dressed her in tiny clothes and used her as a photo model. As she got too big and strong for this, she was locked up. For thirty years she was all alone in a concrete little shed. Only when her owner came to feed her, Linda had some contact with the outside world. The rest of the time, being alone, she could only play with a piece of rope, the only enrichment in her enclosure. There was nobody to groom or to play with, something that is essential for social and intelligent animals such as chimpanzees.


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