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On its own, AAP can't solve the welfare problems of non-domesticated exotic animals. That is why we work together with fellow organisations, governments and scientific institutions around the world. Where possible, we will also work with our opponents, because they also need to be persuaded that animal welfare and the protection of species is, in many cases, of great advantage to them as well.

Eurogroup for Animals

AAP is a member of the Eurogroup for Animals. Together we work on improving the wellbeing of non-domesticated exotic animals within the European Union.  One of the projects AAP is working together with the Eurogroup for Animals is the Think Positive! Campaign


AAP is a member of EARS, the European Alliance of Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries. Together we promote and achieve continuous improvements in animal welfare, and tackle the very reasons that necessitate the existence of rescue centres and sanctuaries.

Species Survival Network

AAP is a member of the Species Survival Network. Together we work on improving the (implementation of) laws to protect species internationally.


AAP is part of the Dutch Dierencoalitie (the Animal Coalition) and works together with the Dierenbescherming (Dutch Animal Protection Organisation) to improve the wellbeing of non-domesticated exotic animals in the Netherlands.


AAP is a part of the coalition InfoCircos that aims at ending the use of non-domesticated animals in circuses in Spain.


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Wildlife Working Group Eurogroup for Animals
AAP is a member of several international working groups dealing with wildlife matters. In 2016 AAP hosted Eurogroup for Animals’ Wildlife Working Group.  

InfoCircos street stand