AAP’s mission is to improve general animal welfare of exotic animals in captivity. Its outplacement work is based on mutual respect. Throughout its 40 years of existence, AAP learned that solid cooperation between animal rescue and permanent housing organizations is critical to reach its goals.

AAP has chosen to facilitate the process from rescue request to final placement of exotic animals in distress. We steer away from permanent housing to keep our practical impact – the number of rescue animals – to a maximum by operating as a halfway house. AAP does have some facilities for prolonged housing of animals, but in principal all recovered animals should leave AAP as soon as possible to create space for new rescue animals.

A large network of permanent sanctuaries and zoological institutions around Europe regularly provide AAP’s rescued animals with a new, wonderful home. In turn, this frees space in our own facilities in Almere and Villena (ES) so we can help as many animals in need as possible towards a better future!

AAP is:

  • an informal partner of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)
  • a non EAZA EEP participant
  • full member of EARS (European Association of Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries)
  • full member of VOND (Dutch Association of Rescue Centres)
  • member of ISIS (International Species Information System), using ZIMS and MedicalZIMS
Barbary macaques outplaced to Domaine de Pescheray, Frankrijk