What we do

AAP gives primates and other exotic mammals a better future. We rescue animals and make the case for better animal legislation in Europe.


De redding van chimpansee FiffyAnimal welfare is still very much a controversial issue. Many exotic animals do not lead animal-worthy lives and human conduct (like illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation in the entertainment industry or scientific research) is often the cause of their suffering. At AAP we try to provide long-term solutions for improving the welfare of these exotic, non-domesticated animals. We compare our method to ‘a bucket of water on a hot plate’ instead of a mere drop.


barbary macaque in quarantineAll animals go into quarantine upon arrival. During this period, our vet thouroughly and regularly checks them. For all individuals, we set up a treatment plan concerning their diet, medication and (abnormal) behaviour. Unless solitary by nature, every animal is housed with conspecifics in one of the other departments after the quarantine period.