Tours AAP, ALmere (the Netherlands)

Barbary macaques at AAP AlmereAAP is an European rescue center and sanctuary for primates and other exotic mammals. The animals that live with us have often been living under unnatural, pitiful circumstances for years before we took them in. At AAP they receive the professional care need they deserve, as well as company of conspecifics. This way, they can (again) become the animals that they were born to be. 

Visit our islands

Watching monkeys is always fun and instructive. And very recognizable. On the islands, baboons, Barbary macaques and other primate species have left their tragic past behind them and are living like real monkeys again: frolicking and playing with other monkeys in an environment with lots of interesting challenges.

The monkeys are usually outside, daily from 9.30 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. Under certain extreme weather conditions , the monkeys cannot go outside. Or on a rainy day the animals will choose stay inside more often. We ask for your understanding.

The islands in Google Streetview

"Rondje AAP"

Even though the chimpanzee complex, quarantine and our primate resocialisation building are not open for visitors, there is a way to see our animals. Next to the complex there is a footpath with a telescope, so you can watch the animals more closely (if they are outside). See the map for the (unmarked) route which brings you to both the Islands and the footpath next to the chimpanzee complex.

Plattegrond van het 'Rondje AAP'

The chimpanzee complex in Google Streetview

Come to our 'Apenpraatjes'

The caregivers that take care of the primates that live on the Islands, give short presentations about the animals and their history and adventures a couple of times a week. The presentations are in Dutch and take about 20 minutes. They (usually) take place on wednesdays at 2.00 p.m. and on saturdays and sundays at 11.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. They are free and you do not have to register in advance. The starting point is at the entrance to the Islands on the restaurant side.

Take into account that:

  • The 'Apenpraatjes' take place outside
  • The maximum group size is 20 people. Because of this, the Apenpraatjes are not intended for groups
  • The animals usually have the choice to go inside (e.g. when it is raining or cold)
  • The Apenpraatjes are given by caregivers and take place when there are enough caregivers working at the primate department

Download a map and directions (Dutch) to where the Apenpraatjes start (at the arrow).

Visiting address and directions

The office of AAP Foundation is situated just outside Almere, Kemphaanpad 1. The islands are situated on the same grounds.

When visiting the islands, you can park your car on the parking area of the Kemphaan at the Kemphaanlaan, straight through after turning left at the traffic lights.