AAP strives to create a better future for primates and other exotic mammals. Unfortunately many animals are still in dire situations. They are illegally traded, kept as pets or abused in tourism and entertainment. AAP rescues these animals and takes them in so they can recover and, with the help of our team, to return to being healthy, both physically and behaviorally. After that, we try to find them a permanent home in a sanctuary or animal park. This way, we can take in new animals in our Dutch and Spanish rescue centre again.

Our rescue centre is open for visitors.

You can visit AAP at your leisure without a guide. Take a tour at the Islands or take a walk (Rondje AAP) around the sanctuary.

At your own leisure

Or if you would like to attend one of our free of charge guided tours, please feel free to book a tour (in Dutch).  We would love to share our working experience with you!

Book a guided tour!