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AAP rescues primates and other exotic mammals that are in dire situations. We take them in at our rescue centres in The Netherlands and Spain, so they can recover and, with the help of our team, return to being healthy, both physically and behaviorally. After that, we try to find them a permanent home in a sanctuary or animal park. This way, we can take in new animals in our Dutch and Spanish rescue centre again.

Our rescue centre in Almere, The Netherlands, is open for visitors. Check for public transport options (choose 'de kemphaan' bus stop as your destination).

You can visit AAP Almere at your leisure without a guide. Take a tour at the Islands or take a walk (Rondje AAP) around the sanctuary.

At your own leisure

Guided tours Almere

Or if you would like to attend one of our free of charge guided tours, please feel free to book a tour (in Dutch).  We would love to share our working experience with you!

Book a tour at aap almere

berberapen wadi en Georg op de Apeneilanden.

Visit AAP Primadomus in Spain

If you want to visit the rescue centre AAP Primadomus in Villena (Spain) please send and email to AAP Primadomus is ONLY visitable with guided tours. Please, take in account that the guided tours are ONLY performed on Saturdays in the morning under request by email (depending on availability of guides). 

Visit AAP Primadomus in Spain