Primate house

Learn their true nature (again)

Primates are social animals, or group animals. But the animals that enter our facility often have to (re)learn a lot about their true nature! That is why we place them in groups, so that they can learn from each other. The Primate house is fully accommodated toward the process of resocialization. The building contains several wings, which allows us to group animals together in different locations without disturbing the other introductions. This way, we can guarantee an optimally peaceful environment for our primates, which makes the merging of groups a lot easier. Our buildings are constructed in a manner that allows the animals to optimally enjoy the sun and daylight in their outdoor enclosures.


Inrichting Apenhuis
Inrichten van de verblijven in het Apenhuis


Our caretakers regularly surprise the inhabitants of the Primate hall with ‘enrichments’. These are games like simple food puzzles that motivate the animals to do their best to collect the ‘prize’, like grains, almonds, sunflower seeds or other treats that they love. These puzzles simulate and stimulate the behavior that animals would demonstrate in their natural environment.

Once a stable group has been formed, AAP starts to look for a new, permanent home for its members. Until we have found them a new home, they will live with us on one of our Primate islands.

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