Primadomus Spanje

Primadomus Spain

Primadomus SpanjePrimadomus is the Spanish headquarters of the AAP Foundation. Primadomus lies 7, 5 km to the south of the town of Villena (arround 30.000 inhabitants) in the Alicante region, at the foot of the Sierra de Salinas. Over the past years, Primadomus grew to be a fully CITES-accredited shelter facility in the Southwestern part of Europe. As Primadomus has its own quarantine facility, the entire acceptance- and shelter process can, and will, be carried out on site.

The first 14 big cats have found refuge at Primadomus already. Some of the inhabitants are very hard (or impossible) to relocate, so they are allowed to live out their days under the Spanish sun. Due to its vast space and natural environment, the terrain is very suitable for permanent housing.

In 2019 AAP Primadomus was also appointed as official NGO partner of 'the National Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking' in Spain.





Inhabitants of Primadomus

Besides the big cats, we also provide shelter for various groups of primates at Primadomus, amongst them Chimpanzees, Barbary Macaques and Baboons. In 2009 the first groups of primates arrived at Primadomus. Three groups of primates, Chimpanzees, Barbary Macaques and Baboons, were given a home. Since then the number of primates at Primadomus have increased and multiple groups of primates have found their new home at Primadomus. In the video you can see Anna, together with her son Patrick, enjoying her time at Primadomus.  Anna and Patrick were among the first animals who arrived in 2009.

Opening big cat enclosures at Primadomus

In more and more countries (under which The Netherlands) it is illegal to use wild animals in circuses and entertainment. Because of this, numerous amount of animals are in urgent need of a new home. At this moment AAP is doing research on how to play a part in solving this problem. On 26 May 2016 AAP Primadomus in Spain officially opened its enclosures for big cats. From this moment on all the 24 enclosures for the big cats are ready to be used. With this AAP creates space for dozens of lions, tigers and other big cats in need. The first 8 enclosures were ready in May 2015 and were immediately used, because of urgent cases. Ex-circus lions Reza and Aya, and -tigers Kai and Radja were the first big cats find a new home in Primadomus, after living in an old circus trailer on the side of the road for 13 years. Due to the vast space and natural environment, these big cats can get healthy and put their horrid past behind them. In one year time AAP rescued 8 lions, 4 tigers, 1 puma and 1 leopard. These are all animals rescued from the entertainment industry or illegal trade. 

Reza en Aya

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