Queen Sofía of Spain at AAP Primadomus
Queen Sofía of Spain at AAP Primadomus

Queen Sofía of Spain attends opening AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection rescue centre for big cats

A royal visit at Primadomus, the Spanish branch of AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection. Today, Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain attends the official opening of the AAP rescue centre for big cats. With the rescue centre, AAP creates a safe haven for dozens of lions, tigers, and other threatened big cats. AAP is greatly honoured by the Queen’s visit to the new facilities. Sofía is a prominent animal lover and long-time defender of animal rights. “Her support for AAP and other animal welfare organisations plays a crucial role in creating awareness in Spain, where animal rights cannot be taken for granted,” says David van Gennep, Executive Director at AAP.



Reza voor zijn redding

After 13 years in a French circus trailer Reza's suffering is finally over.

Last year we rescued him and he is becoming a 'king of the savanna' more and more. Will you help take care of animals like Reza?

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The inhabitants of Primadomus and their story

Even before all of the facilities were finished, we rescued the first big cats. Lion Reza was one of the first inhabitants. After having lived in a French circus trailer for 13 years, Reza has been enjoying his big outside enclosure and the Spanish sun for over a year now, together with lioness Aya.

Meet the 14 felines that were rescued by AAP Primadomus.

Reza bij Primadomus
Reza geniet van de ruimte in Primadomus


Video: Koningin Sofía van Spanje bij de opening

Quinty Trustfull overhandigt de Postcode Loterij cheque aan AAP
Quinty Trustfull handed over the Postcode Lottery cheque to AAP


Made possible by the Postcode Lottery

Early 2015 AAP received over 1,4 million euros from the Postcode Lottery. Also thanks to this generous amount AAP was able to complete the rescue facilities for big cats. 

Made possible by the Postcode Lottery

AAP Primadomus

Primadomus is the Spanish headquarters of AAP, 7.5 kilometers south of Villena (30.000 inwoners) in Alicante. Primadomus has developed to one of Europe’s leading facilities for the intake and rehabilitation of primates. In 2013, AAP Primadomus was recognized as the first Official CITES Rescue Center in Spain.

More about AAP Primadomus

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