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Chimps department Primadomus

Primadomus is the Spanish headquarters of the AAP Foundation. Primadomus lies 7, 5 km to the south of the town of Villena (arround 30.000 inhabitants) in the Alicante region, at the foot of the Sierra de Salinas. Over the past years, Primadomus grew to be a fully CITES-accredited shelter facility in the Southwestern part of Europe. Because Primadomus has its own quarantine facility, the entire acceptance- and shelter process can, and will, be carried out on site

We currently provide shelter and housing for various groups of primates at Primadomus, amongst them Chimpanzees, Barbary Macaques and Baboons and, for a some time now, big cats. The first 14 big cast have found refuge at Primadomus already. Some of the inhabitants are very hard (or impossible) to relocate, so they are allowed to live out their days under the Spanish sun. Due to its vast space and natural environment, the terrain is very suitable for permanent housing.

Primadomus is in a constant stage of development, since more and more circusses have to dismiss the use of wild animals, such as big cats. At the moment AAP investigates how they can serve a more permanent purpose to help these big cats.












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