Vervet Monkey Sir Minkey

Foto van groene meerkat Sir Minkey
Vervet Monkey Sir Minkey in quarantine 

Vervet Monkey Sir Minkey was bought at a local animal store in Cyprus at the very young age of 1. He was housed in a small cage and drugged up to keep him calm. A local shopper stepped through the door and decided to give Sir Minkey a better life. He bought the young Vervet Monkey.

Once at home, the now private owner notices some behavioural changes; the drugs began to wear off and Sir Minkey gained more and more energy. The local did the best he could do in taking care of Sir Minkey, but a life without fellow species is no life for a social animal.

Now, ten years later, Sir Minkey can look back on a life of despair but his future is bright. His private owner could no longer take care of him and no (local) Cyprian zoo will take him. Fortunately there is AAP, who is happy to take care of Sir Minkey. Airline Company TUIfly flew Sir Minkey from Cyprus to Holland, free of cost. How kind-hearted!

At AAP, Sir Minkey can look forward to a life amongst other Vervet Monkeys.