Rescued animals February

In February, three abandoned wild animals from a Spanish circus came to AAP Primadomus: tiger Keni and the two lions Govani and Silas. Read here the entire story and watch the rescue (attention: schocking images).


Common marmosets Nanuque, Gurupi en Aruana were taken by Spanish private owners and rescued by AAP. At the moment, they live at AAP Primadomus in Spain.


Two Hamadryas baboons from France were rescued by AAP. Their private owner was also known as an owner of circus animals. Currently they are at AAP in Almere.


Rhesus monkeys Anuj, Soenita, Ummida en Soraya came from the Van Blanckendaell Park in the North of the Netherlands. Originally, these animals came from AAP. However, they come back to AAP. Thereby, a bigger group of animals can be housed at the Van Blanckendaell Park.


Govani leeuw
Lion Govani severely neglected and emaciated in a polluted circus trailer


Common marmoset rescued
This common marmoset was property of a Spanish private owner
Hamadryas baboon rescued
One of the rescued Hamadryas baboons from France


Rescued Rhesus monkey
Rhesus monkey Anuj from Van Blanckendaell Park