Rescued animals August

Zilvervos Marmer

August 21st – Silver fox Marmer

Marmer wandered around Eindhoven, until a passer-by spotted him. The Animal Protection Unit was able to catch him and brought him to a sanctuary in Zundert. At AAP we take care of Marmer, until we find a permanent home for him.

August 26th – Pig tailed Macaques

Female Pantoja and Males Cachuli, Chabelo and Paquirrín came from Spanish Catalonia to AAP. The owner housed them in his illegal zoo that was foreclosed.

August 26th – Two suricates to AAP

Male Wiki and female Sury were housed by Spanish private owners. Turns out suricates are not suited to be pets...

Stokstaartje Wiki
Sirucate Wiki
Stokstaartje Sury
Suricate Sury