Portugal banned the online trade of wild animals!

On August 23rd, the Portuguese government recognised the threat the online trade of wildlife pose. The legislation includes several measures aiming at putting the administrative burden on the traders and on giving more power to enforcers. An increasing number of European governments are legislating on that matter.

The pet trade is an important drive of the online trade of wild animal, AAP – Animal Advocacy and Protection receives every year hundreds of rescue requests from all over Europe, many of the animals in distress are pets coming from that online trade. Exotic non-domesticated animals are not suitable pets, AAP and Eurogroup for Animals work since 2013 on the Think Positive Campaign, providing support to European governments which want to better legislate the sale and keeping of exotic animals as pets. A positive list is a clear and enforceable legislation, giving clarity to all stakeholders on the suitable species to allow in the pet trade. Legislating the online trade goes hand in hand with implementing of positive lists, which can be done through a single legislation. Those measures are paramount to better legislate this sector and we are very happy to see yet another country take that stand.

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