No more chains for Aurora

Berberaap Aurora zat vastgeketend aan een hondenhokAurora was smuggled from Morocco as a baby and came to a gas station into Spain in a remarkable way. More than six years ago, a broken down car stopped there. The car owner did not have enough money to fix the car. He did however have a baby monkey, and the exchange was quickly made.

In the following years, Aurora was chained to a dirty little doghouse. She had no congeners to play with; her only companion was a pot-bellied pig which rummaged around there. In desperation Aurora tried to de-flea him.

Currently Aurora is safe in AAP Primadomus. Here she can recover from her past in peace. However, she still has a long way to go: For example her hips and legs appear to be very weak. Not surprising, if you consider that she never had room to climb and jump...

Animals like Aurora have been through a lot and need to regain strength. A healthy meal already makes a world of difference. Would you like to send them something extra? See how you can help