Hamadryas baboon Gordi

Hamadryas baboon Gordi came to AAP in Almere, after he had spent his quarantine period at AAP Primadomus. He spent his time in quarantine at Primadomus in Spain, because he was handed over from a Spanish zoo to AAP. After his partner died, everything was done to find a solution for the lonely Gordi. After contacting AAP, the deal was virtually complete, Gordi would come to Almere after his quarantine period. The Hamadryas baboon could travel by plane to the Netherlands. Airline Company TUIFly payed for a one-way ticket to Almere.


AAP cooperates with tour operator TUI and airline TUIFly. For a number of years now, they have been providing free transportation for various animals that AAP reinstated or rescued. In addition, AAP receives an annual donation from the tour company. In the last four years, TUIFly transported no less than ten animals.


Gordi in zijn binnenverblijf bij AAP in Almere
Gordi, in his enclosure at AAP in Almere
Gordi bij aankomst in Amsterdam
The transportation crate of Gordi at arrival in Amsterdam