Guided tours canceled due to risk of corona virus

Unfortunately, we decided to cancel all guided AAP tours in March. This is to minimize the risk for the animals to get infected with the new corona virus. Whether or not guided tours will continue from April on will be decided later. Even though it is not yet known whether the animals at AAP are susceptible to the virus, we don't want to take any risks with their often very vulnerable health. During their work with the animals, the caretakers strictly adhere to hygiene rules: often washing their hands, good cough hygiene, and having a mouth cap or keeping enough distance in the event of a cold.

It is not yet known which exotic animals are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2, as the corona virus is called that causes the COVID-19 infectious respiratory disease in humans. Because other well-known corona viruses (such as the common cold virus) do indeed cause a severe cold in primates, caretakers always maintain very good hygiene. This is a standard procedure, because cold and flu lurk every winter.

Yearly from mid-February to mid-November we offer free guided tours to introduce donors and other interested parties to the work of the organization. In addition, a part of the collected animals can be seen remotely, touching the animals is never allowed anyway. You can reserve a guided tour from April here.