Five Barbary Macaques move to England

Little Memouna and FilippoEven though our co-coordinator Geert Jonkers was on holiday, he decided to drive the AAP bus himself so that he could personally deliver the group of the leader Filippo and his companions Nancy, Momo , Memouna and Jo. The park is not far from Dover and once there, the group went immediately into quarantine.

MomoNew Group Filippos group has only been recently formed. Filippo , Nancy and Momo were already in a group of nine Barbary Macaques which arrive at AAP about a year ago. At that time we didnt have space in our quarantine but because the enclosure on the Beta island was due to be renovated, it stood empty. The inside enclosure was made ready to be used as quarantine for the group, and later they were either placed in an existing group or they formed a new group themselves as was the case with Filippo. Filippo, for example, was a fully grown male who appeared exceptionally suitable to function as a leader of his own group, he was caring and showed responsibility. Nancy became his adult female companion.

The young Momo became their first baby, and because it went well , Memouna and Jo were also introduced to them. Hardly a year after his arrival at AAP is Filippo the leader and protector of a super group in a wonderful surrounding!