Chimps at AAP Almere having a cold!

Winter starts, days become shorter and everyone is sitting inside. Animals and people having a chance to catch a cold. Everyone recognize the first symptoms of catching a cold: itchy throat, shedding tears, headache. 
Primates, just as Chimpansees, will catch a cold from the same influenza viruses as we do. The whole group of primates will start sniffling, following the one who starts.

This winter, the old Barbary Macaque Shizo was the first at the primate house of AAP who started sniffing, couching and sneezing. After a couple of days, his group members also started to sniffle and sneeze. The sound of the chimps sneezing together was clearly heard at the other part of the buildings. 

Chimpansee Toto is verkouden
Chimpansee Toto having a snot nose!


Chimpansee Toto did get the heaviest kind of the influenza virus, compared to his group members and neigbors at AAP. 
The flu symptoms of Toto were really impressive. He gratefully used all the tissues given by his care takers (great to see on the video, do not forget to turn on the sound).
After a couple of days sniffing,  Toto mended up.
Fortunately, the days are getting longer.  

Hester van Bolhuis, vet