Overleefde een horrortransport

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Toph survived a horrortransport
Toph spent her early years performing as a circus tiger. She was forced to do all kinds of tricks to entertain people. But then suddenly the circus owner decided to trade Toph, and nine other tigers, to a zoo in Russia. A zoo with quite a bad reputation. On 22 October 2019, the transport departed from central Italy, near Rome. The transport was stopped at the border between Poland and Belarus because the paperwork turned out not to be in order. It then became painfully clear what horrors Toph and her companions had to endure. The tigers were locked in extremely tiny crates. They could hardly move, were severely dehydrated, hungry and covered in their own excrement. One tiger had already passed away…

Fortunately, the other tigers could be saved. Four tigers found good homes in Polish zoos, the other five tigers are living with us at AAP Primadomus. Toph is one of them, and she could really use your support to recover. Would you like to support her? Adopt Toph!

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