Disclaimer & Privacy

AAP endorses the importance of the privacy of its donors, volunteers and visitors to the website. Personal details are treated with the utmost care and security in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

In addition to compliance with the Data Protection Act, Stichting AAP is committed to the Code of Conduct of the Association of Fundraising Organisations (VFI) and the CBF for charities.

What data does AAP register?

AAP registers only allowable data such as:

  • name, first names, initials, titles, gender, date of birth, address, zip code, address, phone number and similar information necessary for communication (for example e-mail address), as well as the bank account number of the sponsor;
  • a unique identity number, belonging to the sponsor;
  • the data of the parents, guardians or caregivers of minor patrons referred to in the first point;
  • data relating to the privilege is granted. This includes information on the nature of the donorship or favored (eg, the date of commencement of favoring or participation in the activities of AAP, as the Major Donor Day or regular tours;
  • data for calculating, recording and collecting donations and permissions.

Which data does AAP use?

AAP used solely for your information, the Data Protection Act category foundations, authorized purposes:

  • activities, considering our goal as a foundation, are common;
  • sending information to the patrons by mail-with whom AAP has contractual agreements;
  • images and video with or without sound activities of the association, foundation or a public body. For example, pictures taken during the Major Donor Days;
  • calculate, record and collect permissions and donations;
  • internal management;
  • dealing with disputes;
  • analyzing the fund-raising activities;
  • doing exercising audit.

Access to your data

You have always the right to access your data, to modify or remove your information. If you wish, you may request in writing by post or by email:

Fundraising Department
PO Box 50313
1305 AH Almere

The website of Stichting AAP

On the website of Stichting AAP general visitor information, without these visitors to identify tracked. These data are: the frequency of visits to our website, browser type, IP address, the pages visited and length of user session. The purpose of tracking this data to optimize. The layout of the website This data can also be used to convert. More specific information on the website In this way, AAP can optimize its services and information.

Our website contains links to external web pages. AAP is not liable for the use or content of these web pages, or collecting visitor information by these external websites.

Data retention

AAP remove the personal data after deadlines set:

  • After 7 years, after the benefactor its authorization has put stop and want to receive mail from AAP in connection with the legal storage of financial documents.
  • After 2 years, after the patron reported no donations / gifts to do (this is not a permission but payment / donation through its own giro or bank transfer) and no post would like to receive more. Stichting AAP

If the favored stop is put, but they wish to receive or post Stichting AAP, then the personal data stored.

Business address

Kemphaanpad 1
1358 AC Almere
Chamber of Commerce: 41200553