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Which species does AAP take in?

AAP takes in all sorts of primates and small and medium-sized exotic mammals from Europe.
In the following survey we will list examples of species we take in. 

If you wish to register an animal online, you can fill in our registration form. Registration forms in German and French: Deutsch: Ein Tier anmelden .Francais: Ceder un animal



Primates Barbary macaque / Hamadryas baboon / Chimpanzee / Ring-tailed lemur / Common marmoset
Rodents Degu / Prairiedog / Porcupine / Exotic squirrels*
*Exotic squirrels Siberian chipmunks / Swinhoe's striped squirrel / Japanese squirrel / Caucasian squirrel
Canids Raccoon dog / Dingo / Artic fox / Fennec fox
Felines Lion / Tiger / Serval / Caracal
Procyonids Raccoon / Coati / Kinkajou
Viverrids Small spotted genet / Common palm civet
Mongooses Dwarf mongoose / Banded mongoose / Meerkat
Marsupials Sugar glider / Common brushtail possum / Red-necked wallaby / (O)Possum
Other examples Skunk / Egyptian fruit bat / Four-toed hedgehog / Brush-tail tenrec

If you feel uncertain whether your animal belongs in one of these categories, or if you have any question about our intake procedures, please e-mail to

To find other rescue centres and sanctuaries in Europe, please visit the website of EARS (European Alliance of Rescue centres and Sanctuaries).