Chimpanzee complex

Our Chimpanzee complex has enough capacity for over fifty chimpanzees. The animals, which are usually placed together, have a large in- and outdoor enclosure with a multitude of climbing facilities. The complex consists of three strictly separated units:


The Special care unit houses groups of permanent inhabitants of AAP: 26 chimpanzees coming from an animal testing laboratory in Rijswijk (BPRC). These chimpanzees have been infected with transmissible viruses like HIV or hepatitis C. For the time being, the animals won’t notice any harm from their infections, but they are contagious. Therefore, these animals live in a separate wing of the Chimpanzee complex. Their enclosures are extra-large, which is a good thing as they will live out their days at AAP! Their care is largely funded by the government. These animals are allowed to enjoy a carefree ‘retirement’ at AAP.


ResocialisatieIn our Resocialization unit, we provide shelter for other chimpanzees. The animals come from all over Europe and have various backgrounds. Examples are chimpanzees that were once kept as pets and animals from the entertainment industry, like circus chimpanzees. At AAP, these chimpanzees can leave their past behind. They are placed within a group, after which we search for a permanent location for them. This way we can continue to provide shelter capacity for new chimpanzees that are in urgent need of our help.