Responsibility and publications

Berberapengroep van Quart

AAP carries out its activities on the basis of clearly defined rules, procedures and codes of conduct. We provide a transparent insight into our activities, revenues and expenses.

Our expenses

Gifts in kind, like nuts and blankets, obviously go straight to our animals. But the same goes for 81,9 cents of every Euro that we spend. 81,9% of our total expenses are directed towards the primary goal of the AAP foundation: the long-term improvement of the welfare of exotic animals. Apart from expenses for housing and animal care, we spend part of this sum on prevention activities. The remaining 18,1 cents are spent on expenses that are required to keep the organization running. In this context, you could think of expenses for fundraising, office supplies, financial- and personnel administration and IT facilities. These are also necessary expenses to help animals worldwide through our work and carry out our activities in a professional manner.

Annual report

We publish an annual report on a yearly basis. In this report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our organization and we give detailed insights into our financial data. The data are also detailed in our financial statement. Click here to view our Dutch annual report.

Click here to view the summary of the annual report: 2019 in a brief overview.



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