Our partners

In recent years, AAP has developed into an organization that prefers to cooperate with fellow organizations in order to achieve its goals on an international level. In this manner, we expect to achieve the best long-term results for improving animal welfare. Another important factor is that the maintaining and monitoring of achieved targets can often most effectively be done by local organizations. Within Europe, this is our preferred working method but even outside of the European continent, we focus on finding partners that work along the same lines as we do.

Lilongwe Wildlife Center

Since 2011, AAP has engaged in a partnership with an organization in Malawi; Lilongwe Wildlife Center. This is a shelter with a huge wildlife reserve that is very suitable for wild animals. A highly congenial project, to which we have already been able to relocate a couple of our animals. Our partnership has solidified into a long-term cooperation, where quality improvement and exchange of expertise have become key-factors. In this manner, we can also contribute to the improvement of animal welfare outside of the European continent.

Watch a (Dutch) video about the rescue and release of baboon Lucky in Malawi:

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

During recent years, AAP has supported the Indonesian Animal Protection Organisation Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)

in its combat against the use of monkeys in street entertainment. These so-called dancing monkeys have to perform dances and other tricks fully dressed and often clad in a suffocating plastic mask in the busy streets of Jakarta. The training of these animals is accompanied by violence and abuse. But the animals are also a health hazard for humans. They are often carriers of diseases that can be dangerous to humans like tuberculosis, hepatitis and leptospirosis. 

With the help of financial aid from AAP, JAAN was been able to engage in lobby activities, organise workshops and start information campaigns in the city of Jakarta. All of their efforts resulted in a complete ban for the use of monkeys in street entertainment in 2013.

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