FAQ for interns and volunteers

The questions below are mostly applicable to internships and voluntary work at the animal care departments. Outside of the animal care departments, other conditions may apply.

What requirements do I need to apply?

It is not necessary to have specific experience before being able to work at AAP. We only ask for a good doses of motivation, continuity and to do your best!

Are the volunteer/internship positions paid?

Unfortunately not. As a charity, our only means of generating money is through donations and therefore there is no financial compensation for interns of volunteers.

How long before my animal care internship starts should I apply?

At least 1 month before your internship in animal care starts, your application should be in.

How long is the minimum length of an internship?

AAP Almere:

  • Internships in animal care have a minimum of 20 days.
  • Internships in the behavior and rescue and outplacement departments have a minimum of 6 months.
  • Internships in the communication department have a minimum of 3 months, preferably longer.
  • University internships on ethology have a minimum length of 6 months.

AAP Primadomus:

  • The minimal length of an internship in animal care is 10 weeks.

Is there any age restrictions?

Yes, due to legal restrictions the minimum age requirement is 16 years.

How long is the minimum and maximum length of volunteering?

AAP Almere:
The minimum length of volunteering is 1 month, with no maximum. In the summer and around Christmas we have adjusted volunteering periods. For more info on this, please contact us!

AAP Primadomus:
The minimum length of volunteering is 3 months, with no maximum.

Is there accommodation? If so what are the costs?

AAP Almere:
AAP has 2 volunteer houses in Almere, which are used by our EVS volunteers. So in most cases that means that we have no rooms available. However there are plenty of options in and around Almere. Next to AAP is a campsite and there are plenty of possibilities to rent a room, or B&B in or around Almere.

AAP Primadomus:
AAP has free accommodation available for volunteers. Interns however will have to arrange their own accommodation in or around Villena.

Do you accept people from outside the EU?

No, unfortunately because of law and regulations it is almost impossible for us to take in volunteers from outside the EU. Although your help is welcome, we could get a huge fine if we take you in. You could try to get a visa at your embassy, but we know from past experiences that voluntary work is usually not considered a valid reason to issue a visa. Please let us know if you do get a positive outcome of course!

Should I be able to speak Dutch or Spanish?

Although it is beneficial for yourself to speak the native language, AAP is staffed internationally. The main language at AAP is English, which ensures that everyone understands each other and feels welcome. It is therefore necessary to have a moderate level of speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

How long after sending my application information would I typically receive a response?

Maximum 2 weeks.

How long after an interview (phone or face to face) will I know if I have been accepted or not?

Maximum 1 week.

Could I apply a year in advance?

Yes, this is possible.

Could I still have my school vacation days/weeks (Christmas, Easter etc.) during my internship?

Although we would highly appreciate it if you would work during these days, it is possible to have your school vacations. However, if you are an intern in the animal care department, you should realize that this is a job that goes on 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Are there any health and safety issues, or issues working around exotic animals, that I should be aware of?

Firstly it is important to have a good state of health and physical condition. If you have restrictions of any kind or if you are taking medication that can affect your tasks, we must be made aware of this upfront so we can try to see if there are possibilities to make a personalized schedule within our working environment with some adjustments. Depending on your length of stay, amount of days working and department, you will need certain vaccinations. These will be made known to you as soon as you are accepted as a volunteer or intern. If you do not want to be vaccinated for personal reasons, you can sign an “objection vaccination” form.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

Please contact the Coordinator Volunteers & Interns, Esther Ent esther.ent@aap.nl, or call (+31)365238733.