Paid jobs at Stichting AAP

AAP regularly has vacancies for paid jobs. The jobs are in the field of Animal Care, Rescue and Outplacement, Fund Raising, Public Relations, Technical Services, Human Resource, Projects and Financial Administration.

Recruitment is done by publishing the vacancies on the AAP-website, by job placement services and advertisements. Of course, you can always send an unsolicited application.

Being a non-commercial organisation, we are not always able to pay a competitive salary. We do give you the chance to do your share in the well-being of exotic mammals, in an expanding international organisation where not only the animal, but also your own development is of great importance.


Unsolicited applications

If you wish to apply for one of the above-mentioned jobs, send your application letter and curriculum vitae to Human Resource Management, mentioning the job number. Unsolicited applications, complete with curriculum vitae or requests about the jobs, can be sent to the same address.

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