Job opportunities

één van de vrijwilligers van AAPAAP is an international organisation with a beautiful ambition, located on a spacious and modern location, in a rural setting, near Almere. In more than 40 years, AAP has grown from a small volunteer organisation to a medium-sized professional organisation with around 90 people in employment. In addition, volunteer work still holds an important position. AAP provides opportunity for internships from various institutes, for example vocational education or veterinary medicine .

Nowhere else can you see the result of your work so directly: every animal under our care is recovering. You will work in a close team with diverse activities, form animal care to fund raising, from policymaking to system manager, but all with the same ambition.

AAP's work is not limited to the sanctuary in Almere, but is extended in Europe. The Life Time Care Center Primadomus, our dependance close to Alicante, Spain, offers permanent care for a large number of monkeys.

AAP distinguishes itself for an enormous passion, from ambition and a social but also professional culture. Within the diverse and international teams there is an informal and personal atmosphere. Working for AAP requires liking to work at a non-commercial organisation in general, and enhancing the well-being of exotic animals in particular.

Paid jobs

If you are interested in a paid job with AAP, please have a look at our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application letter.

Voluntary work

Volunteers are very important to AAP. Their effort is greatly appreciated. Find out more about volunteering in either the Netherlands or in Spain.

European Solidarity Corps

AAP is participating in the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), a subsidy program for volunteers within the European Union.


AAP has plenty of opportunities for interns; we can offer internships at the various animal care departments or the behavior department.