About us

AAP is committed to creating a better future for primates and other exotic mammals. Unfortunately, many animals still suffer in poor living conditions. They are illegally traded, kept as ‘pets’ or misused for the tourism- and entertainment industry. AAP tackles the problem at the roots. We provide information and advocate better legislation concerning animals within the entire European continent.

Those animals that most urgently need help are accepted into our shelter, so they can catch their breath and recuperate. Our team helps them to regain their health and relearn what it means to be ‘an animal’, after which we search for a permanent home for them. This method allows us to continue to accept new animals into our Dutch- and Spanish shelters.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, we aim to share our skills and knowledge and we are always eager to cooperate with similar organizations, to increase our impact. We compare our method to ‘a bucket of water on a hot plate’ instead of a mere drop.

Pinche aapje


Animal welfare is still very much a controversial issue. Many exotic animals do not lead animal-worthy lives and human conduct (like illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation in the entertainment industry or scientific research) is often the cause of their suffering. At AAP we try to provide long-term solutions for improving the welfare of these exotic, non-domesticated animals.


AAP wants to make a difference and achieve visible results where the long-term improvement of animal welfare is concerned. We achieve our goals by providing practical shelter for animals in combination with preventive measures. We influence policy making, provide information and cooperate with other, (inter)national partners.


Actions speak louder than words. This is something that AAP is well aware of and therefore, we are very action-oriented. We translate our clear vision on animal welfare into concrete actions; after all, that is how we can make the largest difference. ‘Getting the job done’ is second nature to us; this also works as a strong motivator for our donors and fellow organizations and even for regulators and law enforcers, all of which ultimately come into action.

Our promise

We thrive to be as transparent and efficient as we possibly can. That is the reason why our annual report gives a detailed overview of how AAP’s revenues are spent. Our money isn’t spent on large bonuses for the managing board or flashy new cappuccino cups for the canteen. The money goes straight to our animals. As it should.