Chimpanzee Marria
tiger Suzu


AAP gives exotic mammals a better future

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AAP gives primates and other exotic mammals a better future

Illustratie van een aap en een klein zoogdierIn 2018 we rescued 95 new animals and outplaced 93
animals to a new home!

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Circuses and other forms of entertainment using non-domesticated exotic animals must be prohibited by law. Entertainment or cultural considerations should never be the cover-up for blatant animal abuse.  Luckily, governments all around the world, and especially in Europe, are starting to put and end to this practice.

Lion in the circus

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Barbary macaques at the Primate Islands

Part of our rescue centre is open to visitors. You can visit the Primate Islands and the 'Rondje AAP' by yourself. Moreover, it is possible to attend one of our Tours (in Dutch).

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